Boat Dock


SpeedDock’s are a Modular Boat and Jet Ski Docking system. They are able to be assembled in any shape or Configuration. They cater for small Runabouts, such as Tinnies, or Jet Ski’s, and are also suitable for larger boat with inboard or out board engines. They can be assembled as Jet Ski Docks, or as Large boat Docks.

Our Jet Ski and boat Docks keep your boat out of the water and prevent Algie build up on the hull Saving you Cleaning Costs. They are a Floating Pontoon system designed to make it fast and easy to get your Jet Ski or Boat into the water. We even design Docks for Small Tenders, Kayaks and Canoe’s.

SpeedDock are the specialists when it comes to cost-effective ‘on the water’ solutions. We are the market leaders for drive on floating boat docks for individual (and multiple) RIBs, Boats & Jetskis – from effective budget docks and PWC floating docks to large power boat configurations with designs, shapes and sizes.

  • Launch and Retrieve your Boat in Seconds.
  • Keep your boat or jetski clear of the water to protect it and retain its value
  • No Ropes needed to Secure your Jet Ski.
  • Save time, trouble and money – no more hull scraping and anti-fouling
  • Protect your hull from ground injury if you have a drying-out mooring
  • Preserve your sacrificial anodes that are normally below the waterline
  • Your dock remains a valuable asset in its own right
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