Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is a storage system that is easy to assemble and designed to store long, thin and products such as beams, steel, timber and PVC pipes. These are modular systems that can be easily extended and relocated as per the requirements of the user. Such racks allow users to handle all kinds of loads using lifting systems such as lift trucks and mobile cranes.

Cantilever Racking systems drastically improve the productivity of your business as it makes the stock easily accessible which in turn reduces the handling time. These systems allow users to maximize the floor space that they have available in warehouses as they have the ability to stack on each other vertically which opens a plethora of different schemes for your storage facility floor plan.

SpeedRack offers cantilever racking systems that gives our customers the added functionality of converting single sided systems into double sided cantilever systems easily, which makes for a far more efficient system. At SpeedRack, we offer our customers economically lightweight cantilever racking systems as well as heavy duty systems. The light weights systems are available in all heights with 600mm and 900mm long arms whereas the heavy-duty systems can hold 1000kg per arm and are 4800mm Tall with 1200mm long arms. In addition to these systems, we also provide our customers with the option of building customised cantilever racking systems according to their storage requirements and colour choices.

We are an Australian owned and Australian run company and are extremely proud of our Australian roots. We offer high quality storage products to our customers and to show the confidence that we have in the supreme quality of our products, we even provide a Lifetime Warranty on new SpeedRack branded racking and shelving and a 5 year warranty on all the other brands that we supply from our warehouse in Sydney, Australia.



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