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  • Important Pallet Racking Problems To Keep In Mind

    January 28, 2021

    Most of the pallet racking gets done in warehouses. At times, they face problems regarding the same, certain measures that can help avoid issues would benefit the storage personnel and save on time. Pallet racking systems are prone to mistakes that businesses often make when handling them. Resolving them will prevent future problems that cause damages to the goods and hazards that occur in warehouses.

    If the pallet racking isn’t of the right size

    When you are racking, sometimes forklifts cannot access the upper levels. Therefore ma…

  • Find Out More About Drive-In Racks And Their Benefits

    January 13, 2021

    Drive-in racks are the most commonly used storage solution to store large quantities of homogenous products for heavy-duty purposes. For loading and unloading the goods in the rack, forklifts are used. These forklifts tend to drive directly into the empty cavities of the racks from one side to place the goods and then exit, that is why they are known as “drive-in” racks. The loaded goods are supported by rails that are attached to frames. Drive-in racks apply the LIFO method (last in first out) for loading and unloading of goods.


  • Important Advantages Of Using Long Span Shelving

    January 4, 2021

    Long span shelving is a very efficient way to store goods. These shelves are of great length and also can be extended. It is the best choice for all retail and industrial places. The types of materials used to manufacture this long span shelves are steel, wood, mesh. These shelves can be made with the desired size, thickness, colour coating, etc. The versatile nature of this shelf makes it very unique, and the advantages of using these shelves are as follows:

    Portability and Durability

    These shelves are lightweight yet sturdy, and hence …