Lockers are plain and simple security devices which as the name suggests, are made to lock things inside for security purposes. Speedrack offers a wide range of lockers. On our website, our customers can find 3 tier to 8 tier lockers, full length locker, stepped locker, half height locker, executive locker, DPI Lockers and rifle lockers.


The Wide Range of sizes and configurations make Brownbuilt lockers ideal for diverse personal storage applications including factories, warehouses, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, and sporting clubs. Storage lockers are a requirement in all the places mentioned above as anywhere you go, you need a secure place for yourself, your employees and your visitors to store their belongings.


Whatever your needs, a Brownbuilt locker will accommodate them. Brownbuilt Lockers can be grouped into banks for stability or placed back to back to conserve space. Door Configurations ranging from single to eight doors and a choice of widths mean that Brownbuilt lockers can be specified to maximise your particular space. Brownbuilt has an unmatched range with modern designs that are both flexible and stand the test of time.

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