Mesh Decks

Mesh decks are used worldwide as a safety precaution in pallet racking in order to prevent pallets from falling through the beam levels. They can be seen as a quick shelving solution for warehouse storage problems.


Manta Mesh decks create extra storage space in pallet racking bays by creating a shelf where goods can be stacked by hand on pallet racking beams. This enables pickers to pick individual items. These decks also allow for storage of odd size pallets on standard pallet racking. This helps save time as pallets can be unloaded straight from a shipping container and placed straight into racking. This process would otherwise require re-stacking of the pallets onto standard Australian pallets.


We create mesh decks for stepped beams and also for Long Span Shelving. We also make mesh decks for archive storage.


Our mesh decks are high quality and are made in Australia in our warehouses. We Supply a huge range of sides of Mesh Decks, for all Pallet Racking Depths and Widths. If you need a custom configuration, please email us your requirements and we will happily send you a quote. We offer bulk discounts for orders of 50 decks or more.

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