Pallet Racking Safety Audit

Australian Standards specify that all Pallet Racking must be inspected annually to ensure that Pallet Racking is in good working order and free from defects. SpeedRack perform Pallet Racking Safety Audit for all brands of Pallet Racking. Many companies will have you believe that your older racking no longer complies with Australian standards or is beyond repair. Don’t be talked into buying new Racking when your existing racking is perfectly good.

At SpeedRack, we have a specialized team with over 100 years of Pallet Racking Experience. We provide a complete Pallet Racking Safety Audit, Each component of the racking is inspected, a detailed layout and drawing of your Racking is created, and a thorough list of improvements listed if needed to bring your Pallet Racking Racking back into compliance with Australian Standards AS4084.

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