Steel Shelving


Brownbuilt “Rolled Upright Type” RUT Shelving System has become the standard for light to medium duty warehouse storage since its conception in the 1930’s. RUT Shelving is roll-formed from premium pre-painted steel, to ensure durability and engineering integrity for warehouse storage applications, with a choice of two standard colours (wild Oats and Silver Grey).


Its design flexibility makes it ideal for integration into diverse environments ranging from industrial warehouses and storerooms, through to libraries, museums, retail outlets and offices. RUT Shelving’s bolted construction forms a strong, stable storage unit that can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated as storage needs change over time.


These Shelving systems can either be used for light duty or medium duty work.  Light Duty RUT Shelving systems are used for shelf loads upto 110Kg and a maximum height of 2375mm whereas medium duty RUT shelving systems are used for shelf loads of up to 230kg and a maximum stack height of 2375mm. For industrial purposes, it is recommended to use Medium Duty RUT shelving systems in warehouses.


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