Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is a storage system that is used for manually storing small to medium-sized products.  These systems allow easy adjustment of storage heights heights and configurations as per the requirements of the user. It is a system that can move and change according to the user’s needs. These systems can be used for multiple purposes and are suitable for use in warehouses, retail shops and garage shelving.

These are similar to pallet racking systems in the way that they are built but the main difference is that these can only be used to store light and medium sized products while pallet racking is used for a wider range of products, from lightweight to heavy duty materials. However, the main point that sways the balance in favour of long span shelving is that they are cheaper than pallet racking systems and act as an alternative for retailers who do not have the floor space and the budget to afford pallet racking systems.

SpeedRack offers four types of new long span shelving systems. Our Budget “Rivet” and “Wide Span” Shelving is perfect for the storage of lightweight and medium sized products in Garages and Warehouse. Our Long Span Shelving Systems are designed with thicker steel for extra strength which makes it quality superior to other products available in the market and gives it a greater carrying capacity.

Our Long Span Shelving products come in 5 different height options, ranging from 1800mm tall to 3600mm tall, depths from 400mm to 1200mm and over 6 different widths. With so many options, our shelving can be made to maximise any storage space.

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