Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is a storage system that is used for the purpose of material handling. It is a system designed to store materials on pallets. Warehouse storage using pallet racking effectively and efficiently uses the space which would otherwise have been wasted as it makes use of the vertical space rather than taking up the horizontal floor space. The pallets are stored on multiple vertical levels in horizontal rows. The use of pallet racking essentially helps in saving the stock picking time as forklifts can be used to easily load and unload the materials on and off the rack shelves.

Pallet Racking systems are extremely reliable and sturdy structures and are very easy to install. The sturdiness of these systems makes them ideal for storing any kind of goods, be it light or heavy duty material. These systems can be used for various needs according to the requirements of the organization as they are available in different sizes and are also re-usable which enables the users to move the pallet racking system if and when needed and use it according to their requirements.

SpeedRack is an industry leader in Pallet Racking. We offer a wide range of Frame heights and Beam Lengths. We also have a wide range of accessories to compliment our Racking.

Our Selective Racking components are the best solution for warehouse’s to maximize storage and our racking can maximize floor space in any warehouse. Selective Racking allows individual access to every pallet. It allows 100% Accessibility and good stock rotation. Our Racking is easily adjustable to accommodate variable pallet heights. SpeedRack Racking Systems are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards – AS4084 2012.

SpeedRack Racking provides efficient use of storage space for palatalized loads. With a wide range of options and components available, The SpeedRack system can be tailor made to meet your precise needs. SpeedRack provides efficient pallet storage, which is compatible with all types and sizes of pallets along with any type of handling equipment. Visit our Accessories page to find Timber Boards/Shelves, Upright Guards, Load Signs, Dyna Bolts and much more.

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