Important Pallet Racking Problems To Keep In Mind

January 28, 2021

Most of the pallet racking gets done in warehouses. At times, they face problems regarding the same, certain measures that can help avoid issues would benefit the storage personnel and save on time. Pallet racking systems are prone to mistakes that businesses often make when handling them. Resolving them will prevent future problems that cause damages to the goods and hazards that occur in warehouses.

If the pallet racking isn’t of the right size

When you are racking, sometimes forklifts cannot access the upper levels. Therefore make sure that your pallet racking is reachable, and not having access can pose complications. The need to know which forklifts can access the height you have stacked up the pallets is essential. You need to order the right type and quantity of pallet racking to suit your warehouse’s better storage system.

When you buy lesser racking systems

Being prepared is good and having extra pallet racking for the future comes in handy if you happen to take on more business projects. Falling short can hamper your business prospects. Investing in suitable pallet racking will be an asset for future business ventures that you make take on. You can buy a little extra pallet racking for your warehouse.

Check for forklift damage

Ensuring your forklift is in good condition will control several mishaps when lifting the pallet racking. A slight bend or dent often gets ignored, but it is a major problem when it may get hit again. Lifting those heavy pallet racks then becomes a balancing act due to the defective forklift.

When capacities get exceeded

Stacking more products than the pallet racking system can hold can lead to accidents and cause damage to goods. Ensuring that all the racking has capacity limits and not exceeding them can be a useful method to negligence or oversee that may lead to potential danger for people working in the warehouse. You can always workout warehouse storage solutions.

Using old racking can cause damages

Your racking system needs checking. If it is pretty old and may not take up the weight, bringing in new pallet racking in place would enable better stacking to prevent mishaps. The quality of the pallet racking is essential for the longevity of the racking system. If you go for cheaper ones, the quality would deteriorate from use and complicate things later. Hence it would be good to upgrade your pallet racking system.

If the height and depth ratio gets neglected

The ideal height to depth ratio should not exceed the 6:1 ratio; the rack manufacturer’s institute calculates it. If you don’t adhere to the standard height to depth ratio, you will find there will decrease stability, and chances of collapse get compounded.