Here’s How Material Handling Can Be Made Easy With Pallet Racking In Your Warehouse

September 23, 2020

Industrial organization and managing warehouses are tough tasks. Material handling is a major factor and a small mistake can affect the warehouse. With time. it is difficult for the warehouse to accommodate all the goods and accessories in the storage space. Sometimes, materials need additional space to get accommodated in the warehouse. The best and effective solution to manage the material is to invest in pallet racking for storage.

What are pallet racks?

Pallet racks are a well-designed, multi-storied structure which is an ideal choice to smartly store materials, accessories, goods, and tools. In a pallet rack, there are multiple pallets that can be used to safely store materials. The rows are usually horizontal and wide, which makes storing of complex materials easy. Based on the capacity and storage needs, you can pick the right size of pallet racks. 

Types of pallet racks. 

The two most common types of pallet rack are 

  • Roll-formed
  • Structural Bolt

The roll-formed pallet racking system has pallets placed horizontally and it is attached with the help of mounting clips. It gives a provision of adjusting as per the height. So, when you have material that needs extra height, you can make the required changes.

Whereas with a structural bolt pallet racking system, you get an option to detach and replace the pallets from one place to another.

Here is how material handling can be made easy with Pallet Racking in your warehouse

1. Compactness

The biggest benefit of using pallet racking for material storage is that this type of option is suitable to store bulk materials in a small space. You do not need to expand your warehouse; the compact space is enough to accommodate materials in the pallet rack. 

2. Adjustable and Durable

The pallet racks are easily adjustable and you can tweak the weight as per your material preferences. In addition to it, the pallet racks are sturdy to hold heavy loads.

3. Portable

Certain pallet racks can be moved using the forklifts. Hence, loading and unloading of heavy material are effortless. Rearranging the warehouse is not needed when the load is heavy. 

4. Quick Installation 

The Pallet racks are light in weight and easy to configure. The installation takes minimal time and it is one of the durable choices to store bulk goods and accessories. 

5. Easy Maintenance

Another major benefit of using pallet racks for material storing is the lower maintenance cost. The overall operational life is considerably high.

Pallet racks are designed using load beams. braces, decks, etc. The pallet support is considerably high and this is the reason that this type of storage is highly durable. For heavy storage, the right structure is formed. Pallet racks are cost-effective and are a smart way to manage warehouse storage. This type of storage system can make the loading and unloading of inventory quick and you do not need to invest in additional storage space. All this makes pallet racking for your warehouse the best choice.