Find Out More About Drive-In Racks And Their Benefits

January 13, 2021

Drive-in racks are the most commonly used storage solution to store large quantities of homogenous products for heavy-duty purposes. For loading and unloading the goods in the rack, forklifts are used. These forklifts tend to drive directly into the empty cavities of the racks from one side to place the goods and then exit, that is why they are known as “drive-in” racks. The loaded goods are supported by rails that are attached to frames. Drive-in racks apply the LIFO method (last in first out) for loading and unloading of goods.

Based on the accessibility and loading procedure, there are two types of drive-in racks: 

  • Single Drive-in Racking: In this type of racks, there is only one side access to the forklift. 
  • Double Drive-in Racking: In this type of drive-in racks, access to forklifts is on both sides of the racking system. In the centre, a row of racks is present.

Top Benefits of Using Drive-in Racks

#1 Efficient Use Of Space

The drive-in racks are designed to meet the increasing demand for space. There is the maximization of space, i.e., it can use up to 80% of available space. Hence many products can be stored in limited space. It is ideal for an area that is restricted in space.

#2 Higher density

As mentioned above, the reason for the racks to hold more loads of goods in less space is its increased storage density.

#3 Cost-effective

They are of affordable price and also an excellent long-term investment. As they are easy to assemble, the cost of assembling the goods is also low. The resetting of racks is also easier; hence the maintenance charge is also low.

#4 Flexible structure

As bolts link the racks, it is easy to modify the racks’ structure, move them to desired positions, and upgrade them whenever needed. Hence, it can be changed to a wide variety of heights and depths.

Other important benefits include:

  • The fragile products that cannot be stored in block stacks can be stored in Drive-in racks.  
  • This is an ideal storage for low-density, homogenous products. 
  • As cold/ freezer type storages are expensive, Drive-in racks can be used as an alternative because they are cost-effective. 
  • It ensures safe storage of goods because of the various safety accessories that are present. The rank uprights that are available with guide rails ensure a safe storing and retrieving of the goods. Hence it reduces the damage to the racks and pallets, in turn reducing the maintenance charges. 
  • Drive-in racks easily integrate with support systems. When heavy-duty bracing is joined to the drive-in rack, it further increases the strength and load-bearing capacity of the racks. 

Nowadays, the ways to store goods are adapting to fix the increasing demand for space. The storage system is expected to be convenient, cost-effective, and customizable. The Drive-in racks meet all these needs and are one of the ideal ways to store goods. Hence, these are the best choices.