Ways to Connect your Boat Dock




Guide Poles in the Sea Bed

Guide Poles or Ropes Attached to;

  • Pontoons

  • Jetty

  • Sea Walls


More Information

Securing Your Dock


Our Floating Docks have a wide variety of ways that they can be installed. As Every waterfont is Different, the way you Secure your Dock will depend on your Individaul set up. The Size of your Boat may also affect the way that you secure your Dock. The Depth of the Water may also have a bearing on your meathod to secure your dock.  A good idea is to go for a cruse in your boat around your waterway and have a look at how others with a similar waterfront set up to yours have secured their docks.


The Most Common, Cheapest and Easiest way to secure a Dock is with Ropes.


Set your Dock up so that when you are driving onto the dock that the rope prevents the dock moving foward or twisting out of position as you are driving on. Likewise, when Reversing off, have your Ropes set at a length to prevent the dock from reversing back with your Boat. The Rope will need to be taught when reversing so that your Boat will slide off from the Dock into the water. The Dock should be secured in a similar way that you would tie up your boat if it was in the same position.


Depending on your set up, You may need as little as one Rope tied to the front of the Dock and one Rope at the rear of your Dock. Some setups will need attidional cross Ropes to prevent the Dock from twisting as you enter and exit the Dock. Little Force is needed to hold the Dock in position while it is driven onto or off the Dock.


The Length of the Ropes can be adjusted easily as needed.


Chain can also be used as a substitute for Rope.


Steel Poles are also Commonly Used to Secure our Docks.


A Small 45mm Diameter pole will fit through the Corners of our Docks with no additional fittings needed. The Poles will need to be firmly in the sea bed.


We have brackets that also fit onto the dock to fit larger poles with a 70mm diameter. These brackets can be used with Poles that go straight into the sea bed, or they can be used with Poles fastened to your sea wall, Jetty, or Pontoon.


For Larger Projects such as Ferry Wharfs or Walkways we have the option of Supplying Pile Guides.