Here are 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Warehouse Storage Capacity!

November 11, 2020

One of the many challenges you may face while managing a warehouse or distribution centre is the limited space! Here are 5 easy ways to help you increase your warehouse storage capacity!

Try extending your racks up vertically.

Suppose you need extra space in your warehouse but want to accommodate the same without spending too much money out of your pocket. One easy solution is to extend the racks vertically and add more space for storage.

This method is easy to begin with and feasible too. Our racks are easy to upgrade and can be included in a short period, without having spent a high amount of money!  

Reduce the aisle width in the racking area.

You cannot possibly move to a new warehouse every time you find yourself stuck with a lack of space to store inventory. It is instead advised to make the most of your limited space and utilize it to the fullest. Just like extending a rack vertically, another good idea is to reduce the aisle width in the area by either placing the racks closer or by increasing the width of the racks.

This way, you can optimize the use of the floor and also make small spaces for usage. One thing to keep in mind is to keep into consideration the lift equipment, and whether they are capable of being operated in those narrow aisles.

This way, you can save the extra expense and make more space for your inventory as well!

Use the underutilized space.

When it comes to managing space in your warehouse, you need to utilize the space diligently for the sake of saving yourself the trouble of moving every month, and also safeguarding your inventory. It is highly advised that before you make any immediate changes, observe the available space in the warehouse and utilize it to the fullest.

Store product in trailers for short-term, seasonal needs.

It is often observed that one of the biggest reasons why warehouse owners suffer from lack of space, to store their inventory, is because of the terrible habit of hoarding and lack of management. To avoid this issue, it is highly advised to keep products in trailers. This idea may seem crazy at first instance, but sometimes it is a necessary solution to temporary storage needs.

Evaluate and change your storage medium.

Lastly, one of the most effective methods to apply, if none of the above ideas suits you, is to evaluate and change your storage medium to make more space. Sometimes it is observed that your way of storing the products may be the actual problem and not the shortage of space. You can include a change in the way you utilize your already available space and change the storage medium by maybe moving to a double-deep rack instead of a single-deep rack, by merely examining and rearranging the shelves and inventory.

There is no one way to increase the space in your warehouse, but by just avoiding a few warehouse management mistakes, you can easily store more products without spending a dime!