How to Use Small Space in Your Warehouse

October 3, 2020

When it comes to warehouses, efficient management of space can save money and effort. For small areas in the warehouse, proper management of reach can help you to organize materials efficiently. Here are some smart ways for effective warehouse management.

1. Inclusion of half-pallet locations products

Adding half of the pallet locations will effectively save a lot of space. Moreover, some products can be accommodated in a half-pallet quantity. If you condense your pallets, you can put more pallets; so more products in the same area without much white space.

2. Long span shelving

Long span shelving will help you achieve the maximum possible storage capacity, regardless of your space. It allows easy adjustment of storage heights and configuration as your requirements change; it only provides the system that moves and changes with you and your condition. Implementing varying frame and bean beam sizes and customizing the structure for your exact need will be straight forward.

3. Use Vertical Space

Ensure that you are using all of the vertical spaces that are available to you. Investigate storage media that will allow you to take advantage of the warehouse’s exact span height and how much cubic feet are not used. Be sure that your design might impact the sprinkler system and fire code compliance.

4. Off-Site Location

Suppose you are storing a large quantity of inventory for all items or few items. In that case, you can consider off-site storage for the excess, and this is one of the best ways to effectively use the warehouse space. Using the off-site location will free up space, and it supports fulfillment operation.

5. Store Trailers for seasonal needs

Storing the products in trailers may seem crazy. Still, it is necessary and the best solution for temporary storage needs. Keeping the products in trailers is an effective and intelligent way to store seasonal products.

Expanding the warehouse for seasonal products is not a good idea. Once the season is gone, the expanded place will be empty, or some other products will occupy that place so that the same problem will arise in the next season. But trailers are sufficient to store the seasonal or short term need product.

6. Mezzanine above Floor level

One of the best ways to effectively use the small space, especially without expanding, is installing a mezzanine above the floor level process so that the area will receive almost double floor space. For practical storage, the mezzanine will be much better than expanding the warehouse.

7. Simple and Sleek

When you choose between simple and complex solutions using the small space in your warehouse, go for the simple answer. For instance, consider adding pallet rack tiers upward instead of going for the complex solution. Moving to a new place and expanding the space will be expensive and take a lot of time. Consider and choose simple solutions among complex solutions. You can effectively use the small space in your warehouse.