5 Warehouse Working Mistakes You Can’t Afford

August 10, 2020

Managing a warehouse is not as easy as ABC, it is a difficult task to do and a single mistake can lead to huge loss. It needs careful planning, execution, and monitoring for staying on the right track. Moreover, the warehouse management system is a powerful tool to manage the warehouse in an efficient way, all you need is to do is successfully implement the same. There are some common warehouse management mistakes that are committed even without our knowledge.

Here is a list of common mistakes and preventive steps to avoid those mistakes.

  • Lack of effective space utilization

Usually the space needs for your warehouse totally depends on your customers or the growth of the business. If you are facing a shortage of space without any development, then you might have to stick to a static storage layout, or you might end up failing to understand the statistical distribution of cargo dimensions.

To avoid this issue, it is best to periodically review the layout of your warehouse and its stock composition. Also, pay attention to the racking system, this will help you  to utilize the entire height, width, and length of the space.

  • Poor inventory management

When it comes to warehouse 3 scenarios are very common, one is a shortage of inventory, the second one is huge inventory, and the final one is managing and storing obsolete inventory. Most of the warehouses believe in following the just in time replenishment.

Many of them over prepare themselves just to be safe during hike in the demand. Both the condition needs excessive cost but unfortunately it gives dissatisfaction to the customer. And the biggest problem is to store the obsolete stock . It takes precious space for no good reason.

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the perfect companion to avoid this kind of issue that is associated with managing and updating inventory. With the help of WMS you can track the exact location of each piece by creating the link between package ID and Bay ID (location).

  • Not trusting technology

If you are avoiding technology and still using pen and paper for managing the cargo and inventory, then you are making the biggest mistake. Thinking that a warehouse does not need new technology, it is the most common mistake many make.

It is important to have basic tools to manage the warehouse that includes WMS, computer system, smart dashboards, barcode scanners, printer, diverters, and etc. Digitizing your warehouse will keep you out of many headaches.

  • Not following safety protocols

Ignoring safety is the biggest mistake which will not only cost money but can also be fatal and take life. Unfortunately , most of the warehouses take the safety of the workers and staff for granted. This is the first thing that you must avoid and in order to avoid this, you should do regular assessments, followed by corrective measures and safety practices. Never forget to follow the health and safety guidelines for warehouse workers.

  • Unrealistic schedule

One of the huge mistakes that every WMS warehouse beginners will face is, implementing an unrealistic plan and expecting the transformation “zero to hero” overnight. But in reality, it is a slow and consistent process and usually takes six to eight months for successfully implementing WMS (Warehouse Management System). Implementing a WMS is a long journey and you have to accept it.

If you want to see improvements in your warehouse, then you have to constantly work on it and stick to a realistic schedule. Last, but not the least, you need the patience to see the best results in your warehouse.