Advantages Of Wire Decking For Pallet Racking

February 8, 2021

Wire decking will provide a safe surface to support pallets for pallet racking. It increases your pallet racking system’s safety and versatility by letting you store more than the standard pallets. You may not be familiar with the advantages decking can provide, so here are the top benefits for the perfect warehouse storage solutions.

More flexible storage

The wire decking will allow you to store a wider array of items than you could do with many standard racks; in the wire decking, you can easily store the items in irregular shapes and sizes, like cartons drums. It will also let you store multiple sizes of pallets on the same shelf without worrying about space concerns or instability.

Improve inventory visibility

One of the best things about wire decking is, you can keep an eye on what items you have available; the design of wire decking will allow increased light and visibility through your pallet racks. This will give you and your workers better access and the knowledge of all the items you have.

Increases stability and safety

As we talked before, the wire decking will give you increased surface area, and that increased surface area will let you increase the storage space as well as provide a safe environment and storage method. You can increase the pallets’ stability and equipment stored on those racks just by adding decking to your pallets. Moreover, the gated design will help to increase the effectiveness of your facility’s sprinkler system.


Wire decking has a durable and long-lasting construction; when compared to the wood (that can warp and splinter), the wire decking does not experience these forms of wear. Also, selecting galvanized decking will reduce forklifts or pallets’ chances of causing damage to the decking. Make sure to order the right type of pallet racking for hassle-free storage.

No cutting

Wood requires cutting to size, and it can only fit between step beams, whereas the wire decking does not need cutting. To ensure a proper fit, each decking will fit standardized rack sizes. Moreover, wood does not have a means of holding onto the beams as water decking does; if the wood is not cut correctly, then the wood has a chance of falling through the racks or not fitting well. The pallet racking system for your warehouse is no fuzz solution to organize everything with perfection.

Better lighting

While solid wood boards block out the light from above, the mesh decking will let the light through; meaning the worker under the deck will get enough light to see clearly. The wire decks will keep your workers safe from avoiding trip hazards by preserving the illumination in the area.

Lower cost and strong

The cost of cutting, installing, and replacing the wood board will cost more, whereas wire decking for your rack will be pretty much affordable. Pallet racking is cost-effective; once you’ve installed the wire decking, it just requires little to no maintenance; the longevity will reduce the amount paid for the deck over the lifetime of the pallet racks it fits onto. Also, when compared to wood, wire decking is much stronger than it; mesh decking has various weight capacities. The weight that the decking supports cannot be expected from the wood; the higher the weight you store on the wood, the lower the strength of the wood. But you do not need to worry about this on wire decking.