5 Hacks If You Are Facing Storage Issues In Your Warehouse!

March 14, 2021

A warehouse is honestly a blessing in disguise for all your utility storage purposes, but it can turn into a real headache if you run out of space and don’t know how to incorporate the rest of your utility! Well, here are 5 hacks that can rescue you from your warehouse storage woes:

1. Reassess warehouse floor plan

While making use of a warehouse, just like buying a house or an apartment, it is quite necessary that you assess the floor plan of the warehouse thoroughly before deciding. It is important that your shelves, equipment, tools, tables, and workbenches are logically placed, within the reach of the warehouse staff, in order to ensure the smooth and safe functioning of the warehouse. Hence, if you are facing storage issues in your warehouse, it is best that you first reassess your floor plan and try rearranging the items in a more efficient manner that will significantly ease out your work. 

2. Different Shelving for different warehouse purposes

Racks and shelves are a must-have in every warehouse. They are one of the essentials that every warehouse owner must incorporate into his warehouse to fix any and all storage issues. One key thing to remember is that it’s better that you install shelving according to the kind of products you’ll be storing and the space available in your warehouse. Pallet racking for warehouses is a viable option for you to experiment with. It suits every kind of warehouse usage and is one efficient way to store your utilities and more!

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3. Labeling

The next useful hack that can help you in managing your warehouse storage issues and also make the functioning of your warehouse easier is labeling. Just like your kitchen pantry, it is very important that you label everything in your warehouse to avoid any confusion. This hack can prove to be quite useful for improving efficiency, communication, and safety in your warehouse. 

Make sure to label not just the goods but everything else as well. This means, work areas, aisles, safety hazards, racks, items, and – do not forget to install safety signs for forklifts, capacity alerts, and clearance heights. 

4. Regular Maintenance

Just like any other workspace or living space that you occupy, regular maintenance of your warehouse is equally necessary. This will not just help in keeping things smoothly moving, but also acts as a very useful hack in solving your storage issues. Oil your forklifts and update your stock. Indulge in deep cleaning and rearrange your stock! Also, it is important that you update your racks. Get SpeedRack services and make your regular maintenance rounds easier!

5.Receive goods efficiently 

Hoarding can prove to be injurious for your warehouse, therefore, one of the crucial hacks that can help you solve your warehouse storage issues is- “receiving goods efficiently”. This can not just help you clear out much-needed space, but also makes it easier for you to keep track of the material you are storing!

Your warehouse is your sacred sanctuary. Use it wisely and make the best of it!