Learn Five Warehouse Management Problems And The Best Methods To Fix Them

May 15, 2020

Warehouse storage solutions are the most crucial part of any business. To make maximum profit in the business, proper management of the warehouse is necessary. Depending on the administration, the company will gain profit or loss. Most of the business organizations sometimes make a simple mistake while managing the warehouse, which proves to be very expensive for your business. Understanding what mistakes usually happen in the warehouse management will help you make maximum profit out of your business. Read further to learn the five common warehouse management problems and ways to solve them.

Problem #1: Quality Control and

Most of the companies do not have different levels in the quality control department. The staff in the quality control department do the packing and moving to the shipping. So the chances of double-checking the quality will not be there. As per recommendation, it is best to have separate levels in quality control for better supply chain management. When this implementation happens appropriately, there will be a better record of the vendor accounts and proper rotation of the stock. The stock that needs to clear first will be done first. This will save time. Implementation of this system will ensure all the shipping process is done on time or even faster. The items in the stock will be maintained and packed well.

Problem #2: Inventory Count

The crucial part of inventory planning is to have a proper account of the products that are in the warehouse. Most of the time, there will be no adequate calculation of the inventory. Such mistakes happen due to the negligence of the workers. Initially, there will be a good count of the stock, but when shipping happens, there are chances of losing the count. The inventory accuracy problem can be solved by training the workers well for this job. The workers need to be informed about how to cooperate with different levels to report the sales for the day. Counting of the inventory must happen regularly. When the time between the check reduces, the chances of accuracy is high.

Problem #3: Warehouse Layout

The design and layout of the warehouse should always happen according to your specific needs. Every business does not require the same warehouse layout. While designing the warehouse, make sure to use all the space well. Design a warehouse that will be a comfortable place for the workers too. Let the warehouse be well lighted and with proper ventilation. The most popular items should have easy access. Let the warehouse have automatic lights if possible so that it will help you save energy.

Problem #4: Location of the

Inventory location can arise when there are lots of products stocked up in the warehouse. It’s important to plan which product goes where in the warehouse. The quality control and the packaging becomes easy when the products are correctly placed. Make sure to put the most important and popular product at the beginning itself so that it can be accessed easily. Make a separate section for the different kinds of products. Mark the section so that the products can be located easily. Show extra care for sensitive products. Create a report on the location of products for easy identification. Specially train a worker to find the products.

Problem #5: Picking the Products

This step happens twice in a business. The items are picked from the factory once manufacturing completes, and then it is picked from the warehouse to ship for the customers. These processes take place in a hurry. There are chances of misplacing the products or even breaking some. Without a well-organized system here to manage all these processes, there can be chaos. The products that have been picked need to be adequately documented to have an accurate record of products in inventory. Verification of the products must take place before shipping.

Inventory planning is the right way to get a good hold of your business. Take all the necessary steps to make the full use of the warehouse storage solutions from Speedrack. Hire a person who specializes in inventory management. Train the workers so that they will develop all the skills required to manage the warehouse.