What Type of Shelving is Best for Retail?

December 28, 2021

Shelving is one of the best ways to showcase your products and there are many innovative methods of tapping into shelves for creating an exciting visual display that will attract customers instantly. There are many retail shelving ideas that you can take a closer look at while planning your own store display.

Here are some of the best shelf display ideas for retail that you can consider: 

  • Wall shelving- Wall shelving is one of the best types of retail shop shelving which ensures maximum use of overall space. This method helps in using multiple shelves for showing a vast line-up of products and items including clothing, books and groceries to name a few. If you have limited space, you can always use wall shelves for coming up with extra display areas. For bigger stores, huge wall space can be neatly adorned with shelves as well. Shelves may be fixed directly with wall mounting brackets, adjustable strips or you can even choose wooden or glass shelves for creating a distinct look. 
  • End bay shelving- If you are looking for some really innovative retail store shelves and displays, you can opt for end bay shelving. End bay units are those positioned at 90-degree angles and are ideal for promotional offers and advertising campaigns. You can put them at an end or two ends of shelves between open spaces. They are versatile and are usually preferred for showcasing special offers and campaigns. You will find it convenient to position them in an outward-facing manner towards the front of the store. They do not take up excessive space as well. 
  • Gondola shelving- Retail displays need to be revamped and changed every now and then. Gondola shelving units are easier to line up and move, making them suitable for flexible displays. You can have displays arranged with these moveable shelves. They can be interchanged with accessories like wire baskets and hooks with dividers as well. Gondola shelves help in freshening up the look of your retail store display. 
  • Angled shelving- If you are displaying products such as magazines or books, flat shelving may restrict you in merchandising possibilities. Placing them flat or stacking up will only mean that their spines can be seen. Hence, angled shelves are the solution for displaying such items in a manner where shoppers can clearly take a look without any obstructions. You can arrange acrylic shelves at 30/60 degrees and they have lips in front for slimmer items including tablets, smartphones, etc. 
  • Acrylic shelves- Acrylic shelves come in various sizes and shapes and for multifarious reasons. You can make use of flatter and/or shorter shelves for showing individual products like frames, decorative items, toys and so on. Shorter acrylic stands are also ideal for displaying shoes as they have similarly sized units as well. 
  • Tabletop Displays- You can use tabletop displays and fixtures for showcasing special products or seasonal items. You can also put high volume items here for customers to view. 
  • Countertop Racks and Wire Baskets- These are nifty fixtures as the racks and baskets on countertops are ideal for enabling last-minute transactions. They can be positioned in a manner where customers come across handy items which they buy at the last minute, just before billing their items. They may be positioned near the billing counters or anywhere near the point of departure in some stores. 

Now that you are aware of the various kinds of shelving systems available, make sure that you choose the right materials required for shelving. Do your homework and arrange suitable shelves in various parts of your store for improved warehouse operations by maximising space utilisation and drawing the attention of customers.