Choosing the Right Material for Your Wire Shelving Unit

December 11, 2021

Wire shelving units are extremely versatile and practical when it comes to storage options. Not only are they lightweight and easy to assemble, but wire shelving units also help in maximising the storage space. Choosing the right wire shelving unit material is essential if you want to get the best use out of your shelving unit. 

Materials for Storage Shelves

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome is short for chromium which means that chrome wire shelving units must contain some degree of chromium mixed into the coating.

Chrome plating is resistant to dust, rust, and damage and adds to the value of your wire shelving units. It is also very strong making it an excellent option if you are looking for totally value-for-money shelving units. Even though chrome wire shelves are not as strong as stainless steel, it is much more affordable. Chrome shelving units are also great for ventilation. It ensures that the electronic equipment that needs ventilation does not overheat. Even in cold storage, the chrome wire shelving will allow the requisite air circulation. Look wise, Chrome plating gives the shelves a more polished finish compared to other materials. It is advisable to avoid using Chrome shelving units in highly humid environments such as moist storage or walk-in coolers. It will be better if you could choose epoxy-coated shelving for such purposes.  

Black Wire Shelving

A great alternative to chrome wire shelving, Black wire shelving is good for use in humid environments. The biggest difference between the two is the additional epoxy finish in black wire shelving which provides extra protection against rust. Its standard load capacity is the same as those of chrome wire shelving units at 600 lb. static load capacity. With all wire shelving units, it should be kept in mind that adding casters will decrease the maximum shelf load capacity.  Appearance-wise, black wire shelving has a matte finish and is not shiny like chrome or stainless steel shelving units. Due to its subtle colour and matte finish, many retailers prefer it over other material storage shelves.

Freezer Wire Shelving

Freezer wire shelving units are made of carbon steel, which is then treated with an iron phosphate base and finished with epoxy. Freezer wire shelves should ideally be rustproof making them the perfect option for moist and wet environments. You can choose freezer wire shelving for use in coolers, walk-in refrigerators, and even outdoors. Shelves made of freezer wire are less expensive than stainless steel shelving units. Freezer shelving units are usually white and have a matte finish. They provide great ventilation and are easy to maintain. 

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving

Stainless steel shelving is an immensely popular choice as it is the most sanitary metal shelving material. This makes it perfect for use in kitchens, health-care environments, and other places where hygiene is the top priority. Steel wire shelving units are not only sturdy but also low maintenance. It can be used anywhere, be it outdoors or in moist environments. It will not rust. Stainless steel shelving is also the best option for high-temperature fluctuations. The major drawback of these types of wire shelving systems is the high price as compared to other options.  Look wise Stainless steel shelves have a polished finish, similar to chrome. 

Learning about the various types of shelving materials will not only help you choose the correct option according to your specific needs but will also help you save valuable bucks. However, choosing the right racking company is also a major part of making optimum use of your storage space. So make sure you go for only the most reliable racking company for your needs.