Small Parts Storage Problems and Solutions

January 28, 2022

There are a bevy of problems that companies face, especially when they deal with multiple smaller components or parts including bolts, nuts, and more. There are many problems that crop up, including misplacing or losing crucial smaller parts, not being able to inventorize or organize parts properly and so on. What companies should do is opt for small storage systems that help in making these smaller components more accessible and well-organized for all employees. Of course, along with small warehouse racking solutions, there are bins and shelving options that will work a great deal in this regard. Which ones should you choose? Investing a little time and research into the process always works wonders.

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Using shelves for storage reasons 

Amongst the warehouse storage solutions for small items, you will find gravity flow shelving which comes with inclined shelves, enabling easier location of smaller parts/components and ready accessibility alongside. Bins and shelving among other warehouse storage solutions are effective for storage applications linked to smaller parts and may be used in several environments such as offices, retail outlets, warehouses, and more establishments.

Gravity flow shelving helps in optimizing storage of smaller parts since they may be easily integrated with storage bins with regard to organization and enabling higher visibility of products as well. This makes them a veritable game-changer for any organisation. The options for gravity flow shelving include wire and solid steel among other materials. One of the most innovative warehouse shelving ideas is wire shelving. This has been tailored to lower overall dust levels while enabling better circulation of air and higher visibility of items that are stored. Better visibility levels speed up overall up-stocking, making these shelves more durable options for storage for smaller components. These options in wire shelving include stainless steel, chrome and epoxy-coated among other materials. Learn more about choosing the right material for your wire shelving units.

You will also find steel shelves as perfect warehouse storage equipment if you have smaller parts to deal with. These shelves come in diverse loads and sizes and are immensely durable for several applications including industrial storage of smaller parts. Units may be readily customized for housing several small components with elements like drawers, bins and dividers among others. These should be chosen carefully in order to maximize the efficient storage of smaller components and other parts.


Using bins for storage reasons 

You can always make use of plastic bins for organizing and handling smaller materials. Bins are mostly crafted from durable plastic (industrial-grade) and may be integrated with your shelving systems alongside. They are hugely versatile and effective storage solutions in this regard. There are options like hang and stack bins which may be put up from racks or stacked together with storage cabinets and panels for better storage. There are options like labelling, lids and dividers which enable immaculate organization and handling of smaller components.

There are stack-to-shelf bins that are neatly positioned upon shelving or other zones for ensuring higher visibility and better organization of such components. There are multi-divider slots provided for enabling more storage choices within one bin. The economy shelf bin is another type that has been designed for multi-area usage. Owing to the unique stackable nature, these bins may help in the expansion of vertical space for storage without any addition of shelving, which is always a boon.

Two-toned inventory indicator bins feature a single-bin setup with a coloured trigger for the indication of lower inventory levels and also prevent any items from getting out of stock. The indicator bin is neatly stocked with the divider for the designation of volume for the overall inventory reserve. Smaller parts are chosen from the bin’s blue side till you come across the divider. Neat isn’t it?

The bin will be flipped, showing the orange side for indicating lower stock levels as well. You can also choose multi-compartment bins which help in storing small parts neatly. These are rugged and durable one-piece designs that may be easily stacked with dowel rods for making use of vertical space in a better manner. The bins are ideal for activities that are already in progress. You can keep taking parts from them periodically and putting them back once you are done.

As can be seen, there are various kinds of storage solutions for smaller parts or components. Storing these parts is often a problem faced by numerous businesses and manufacturing entities. With the help of smart, new-age and innovative solutions, people can readily overcome these obstacles in a better manner.