Used Macrack Pallet Racking

MACRACK is one of Australia’s leading pallet racking companys, producing strong and durable pallet racking systems that last. Macracks success can be credited to its quality Australian-manufactured product, which has a lifetime guarantee. This Style of pallet Racking is found all over Australia, and is one of the most recognized brands of Racking in Australia. Frames are Most commonly Green in Colour, but are now also Produced in Galvanized Steel.

All MACRACK products conform to the latest Australian standards for steel storage racking, often exceeding these standards with our renowned quality. Macrack is independently certified and tested to ensure that only the highest-quality product leaves their manufacturing facility.

The MACRACK product has several superior key features. Frames are made from cold-rolled, steel with a distinct keyhole punching. This profile enables ease of use to both install and adjust your pallet racking.

Beams are made from roll-formed steel, and beam sizes can be adjusted to suit both your weight load and the width of your bay. These beams are electrostatically coated in two layers of hi-vis orange, which is closer to a Red-ish Colour.

Used Mac Rack Pallet Racking is usually readily available. We often stock large quantities of Mac rack Frames, and Beams and other components. It is still manufactured new, so custom sizes or odd size beams can be ordered and added to your system.

Macrack also produce Longspan Shelving, Drive-In racking, Canti-lever Racking, Workbenches, Steel Shelving, and much More.

Macrack offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products.

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