Macrack Frames 4.5m Tall x 840

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Colour: Green

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MACRACK Frames are produced in Green and Galvanized Colour. the Macrack Frames like most racking are designed in imperial measurements and have a pre-punched hole spaced every 3 Inches of 76.2mm. The hole could be described as the shape a key hole. This profile enables ease of use to both install and adjust your pallet racking. Frames are made in a variety of Strengths, the Most common being Medium which is use for pallet Racking. This frame is suitable for most applications. They are made to withstand daily applications, and are Perfect to use in systems such as Pallet racking, Mezzanine Floors, and Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving. Macrack Frames are also made in a Heavy Duty Design, which is utilized in the construction of drive-In pallet racking or Cantilever Racking System.

MACRACK Frames are made from Cold formed rolled steel, and are manufactured in Australian-manufactured Providing a Quality Product that comes with a lifetime Guarantee. All MACRACK products conform to the latest Australian standards for steel storage racking.

We have a wide range of accessories to compliment our pallet racking, including Boards and Mesh Decks.


Pack Includes;


1 Pre Assembled Macrack Frame 4500mm Tall x 840mm Deep.

Weight 41 kg
Dimensions 410 × 84 × 9 cm

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