A Must-Have Warehouse Equipment List – Tools, Lifts, Storage & More

June 30, 2021

Warehouses store everything that we need in our daily lives, right from food and apparel to electronics, furniture and other essentials. When setting up a warehouse facility, innumerable factors need to be considered, from warehouse shelving solutions and store equipment to electric forklift hire and a locker for the warehouse.
Warehouses can be of different types – from smaller stocking rooms in the back of any business facility to an area covering several thousand square feet as well. Many owners choose to buy new equipment, while some look to smartly manage warehouse storage and buy used shelving for saving on costs. There are numerous benefits of lockers, along with lifts and a variety of other tools and equipment. The type of equipment that you need for most warehouses remains similar irrespective of the functionality and overall space aspects. Warehouses will usually require lift equipment, storage systems, dock equipment, facility equipment, conveyors, packaging equipment, bins and containers, and so on.

Storage systems are vital for any warehouse. Are you storing complete pallets together or smaller inventory units? Every warehouse will have customized requirements. Pallet Racks storage systems are used for inventory that is positioned upon pallets, while Industrial Shelving is used for hand-stacked inventory, which is not stored on pallets. Cantilever Racks are used for bulky and long items which will not fit within pallet racks. Flow Racks make use of gravity for moving hand-stacked inventory to the picking area. Other Racks include speciality racks for storage of lumber, reels and bars. 

Lift equipment is also highly beneficial. Are you shifting smaller inventory units or pallets? Do your shelves have stacking power of 20 feet and higher? Ensure that you have suitable lift equipment for the work at hand with a view to enhancing productivity. Forklifts help move stock with limited risks of product damage or injuries. Pallet Jacks help in manual or electric lifting or movement of pallets, and Hand Trucks help in easy and seamless transportation of inventory and boxes. Service Carts help in manual picking and moving of inventory with seamless ease while other lift equipment is also present, along with added equipment for lifting and transporting employees and inventory. Dock equipment is another crucial component of any warehouse facility. Are you getting numerous shipping products and materials? Speed up the transfer of materials to and from the dock doors while also enhancing overall loading dock safety and efficiency at the warehouse. Dock Plates & Dock Boards help in bridging gaps between trailers and loading docks. Edge of Dock Levelers help in correcting height differences between docks and trailers. Yard Ramps enable the lifting of equipment for moving between the loading docks and the ground. Dump Hoppers help in the collection of bulk items for refuse with a forklift or recycling purposes. Additional dock equipment is also used for enhancing loading dock abilities. 

Conveyors can prove greatly beneficial for a warehouse. There are many scenarios where warehouse owners have to lower transportation costs for products through business procedures. Conveyors enhance overall efficiency and quality control by shifting products and inventory to final destinations. Flexible Conveyors expand when being used and remain compact within the storage. Gravity Conveyors make use of gravitational powers for product transportation, while Power Conveyors make use of motorized power for automating the transportation of products. Lifts and Carousels move and store materials horizontally or vertically. 

There are several facility accessories that can be used for expansion of  current warehousing facilities. Facility accessories go a long way towards boosting storage, security and ease of logistics handling. In-Plant Offices help in creating custom spaces as per requirements, while Mezzanines enable the addition of higher storage space without any relocation or expansion of a facility. At the same time, Rolling Ladders roll from one task to another for helping with inventory picking. Security Cages help in safeguarding materials and employees from theft and danger. Other Facility Accessories include added equipment for enhancing the warehouse or facility in question. 

Bins and Containers can be used to organize products and materials while storaging items in suitable containers for shipping and inventory procedures. Bins help in optimizing medium-sized and small parts storage options, while bulk boxes or collapsible containers help in seamless shipping and storage. Totes are stackable and nestable containers that can be used for  storage of bigger parts. Wire Mesh Baskets are used for smaller items. . Packaging Equipment needed by a warehouse could  include industrial scales for weighing products, banding and strapping equipment, packing tables, stretch wrap machines and other equipment.