5 Reasons to use Chrome Wire Shelving for your display and storage

April 7, 2021

While we talk about commercial space, we think of ideas to maximize our space yet keeping it light. With the revolutionary commercial wire shelving, it has become way easy to install, expand, and use as an affordable option. While choosing shelves for our business, various things support our decision such as:

  • The type of product to be stored
  • Purpose of shelving such as for warehouse or display
  • Safety of products as well as the surrounding 
  • Fire safety 
  • Etc

While we consider chrome shelving for warehouse there are several benefits of using it, such as:

1. It allows you to grow without any hazard

While chrome wire shelving does not comprise screws and can be easily stacked one after the other, there is an open option of expanding your shelving needs as required. The shelving can be expanded horizontally or vertically based on the need. The basic chrome wire shelvings with wheel are compatible to use in hospitals, warehouse order fulfillment, product storage, display products at shops, etc. the sleek look and chrome finish make it suitable for warehouse storage. 

2. It allows proper ventilation

It allows flow-through ventilation as the mesh net allows air to flow without any interruption. Due to this feature, wire shelving is widely used in cold storage and other storage facilities where proper airflow is mandatory. The built of the wire shelves also does not allow any liquid such as water to stay on the surface and thus keeps the stored products safe and fresh for days and months. 

3. Movable and lightweight

 The sleek and lightweight design allows the shelves to move around in the warehouse when mounted on wheels. This is an easy alternative while processing orders from a warehouse. It allows batch packaging in the warehouse and also helps transportation of picked goods and store replenishment. 

4. It helps avoid accidents

For accidents like fire, it becomes impossible to reach individual racks and products for the overhead water sprinkler. But with the installation of wire shelving, allows to promptly reach all stored items and thus can help in discouraging such mishaps. The lightweight and design also discourage accidents caused by forklifts in warehouses. As the shelves are made with wires, it has no chances of getting burnt with fire like wood. 

5. No rust material- Over a while, shelves can experience corrosion and rust which can be harmful to store sensitive material. In, such a case the only option is the replacement of shelves. While you install chrome wire shelving, you can be stress free and it does not allow rust to occur. Along with that, the coating on the surface of the shelving makes it most favorable for storage in the health care environment, high humidity environment, and so on.

If you are auditing the shelving system of your warehouse, then this is the best time to acknowledge chrome ware shelving as an alternative. It will enhance your warehouse storage capacity and give you more ways to expand and work with efficiency.