What Are The Advantages Of Long Span Shelving In Business?

June 7, 2023


Storage and warehousing are fundamental elements of business operations. Without proper storage facilities, businesses would have to incur huge expenses due to loss of stock and inventory. In this respect, long-span shelving has become a popular storage choice in modern warehouses and storehouses. 

Posing several advantages, these systems have grown as the medium of choice for storing small and mid-sized items. Today, we will look at some of the benefits that it provides. Let’s get right into it! 


Advantages Of Employing Long Span Shelving As The Storage Medium

These are the salient benefits that long-span shelving provides to businesses and concerns: 


Flexibility Of Dual Access

The first advantage of these systems is a design-based one. Since these shelving systems generally come open on both sides, they are easy to use and apply in a variety of spaces. Even though this might seem like a simple feature, the practical applications of it far outweigh initial impressions. Long-span shelving systems pioneered the creation of dual access and more open storage systems that make it easy to operate. Today, they have become synonymous as the go-to option for storage when it comes to libraries, warehouses, storage spaces, garages, basements and so on.


Lightweight And Durable

Another significant advantage that long-span shelving systems have over their predecessors is the lightweight material, typically aluminium, that is employed to manufacture them. Previous storage systems were mostly made of steel or iron which would become cumbersome to move around or handle in industrial spaces. With the use of aluminium, these systems were made durable as well as lightweight, becoming an attractive combination. 


Multiple Tier Systems For More Storage Area

Long-span shelving systems provide far more storage area than other storage systems based on square feet. This is primarily because they come as multiple-tier systems, which can help to store items on multiple levels. Thus, for the same amount of carpet area, manufacturers and businesses can get four or five times the storage area, depending on the number of integrated levels. 


Adjustable Height And Non-Fixtured Parts

In sharp contrast to other shelving and storage systems, these systems do not have any irremovable fixtures in place, such as bolts or screws. Instead, they employ rivets and pins to fix everything in place. This makes it easy and convenient to make any adjustments when required. This flexibility of operations goes a long way in saving precious resources in real-world scenarios. Companies and businesses can hugely benefit on the warehouse floor by adopting such technologies. 


Compatible With Other Factory Machinery and Equipment

Any system needs to be compatible with other existing systems for it to be cost-effective for businesses. The biggest advantage of these systems is that they are highly compatible with other factory equipment such as wooden walkways and perforated steel panels. This makes it easy to add other layers and even integrate them with automated lifting systems as well. 



Thus, to conclude, it would be right to say that long-span shelving systems are revolutionizing storage systems. They are here to stay, and as warehouses and factories require more flexible storage systems to work with, long-span shelving is sure to fill up an important gap in the market. Designed for the future, these storage systems are here to change things for the better, and nothing is stopping that!