Warehouse Management Tips: How To Optimize Your Work Center

August 11, 2020

A warehouse is the heart of a company, and the bitter truth is most of the company failed to focus on it in an efficient manner. If the warehouse operations are efficient then the company can reduce the costs to a great extent and it will eventually make the customers happy. At the same time if the warehouse operations are not efficient then the company cannot ship or receive an inventory on time, workers will not be productive, and the company will lose its customer and credibility, in addition to it , mismanagement of the warehouse can burn a big hole in your pocket. Here are the best and amazing tips that will help you to improve your warehouse operations.

  • Attractive Incentive Pay

A properly engineered incentive pay for the performance will bring a huge difference in overall labor productivity. It also improves labor productivity. And the best place to start this in “pick and pack”, most of your labors are already available, so start from there with proper implementation you can notice a boost in productivity.

  •  Safeguard Warehouse

It is necessary to safeguard the warehouse facilities by prohibiting unauthorized people near the inventory or inside the warehouse. It will protect both your warehouse property and your employees. It is ideal to provide identical badges or uniforms for the warehouse employee so that unauthorized people can be easily identified. Consider posting signs in areas where only warehouse personnel are allowed.

  • Identify the Performers

A top-performing employee is ten times better than a good product, they are the lifeline for your warehouse, and they are also going to be the role model for others (especially new and fresher employees). Identifying the top-performing employees rewards them like verbal recognition, gifts, preferred parking, etc will boost them.

  • Pay Heed to Employees

Probably, the employees might have valuable insights on process shortcomings and other productivity issues. The staff in your warehouse are the one who knows the strength and weakness of your warehouse. That is why you have to spare time to listen to your warehouse staff and their advice. And the advice from the warehouse staff and employees will improve your warehouse efficiency.

  • Follow Maintenance Plan

There is a high chance of breaking down machines at any time, and if you are not ready for that event the downtime will increase and affect your productivity. This can be avoided by scheduling maintenance plans, and if the machines are serviced regularly then the opportunity for machine breakdown can be removed. Also, with the strict maintenance plan and inspection, you can easily identify the problems before they come too serious.

  • Adopt technologies

There is no point in using paper and pen even in the 21st century, if you are doing that then it will consume a lot of time, and also it will decrease the efficiency of your warehouse. So, it is better to take help of technology and adopt solutions to manage warehouses.

Mobile barcode scanners are the best example of hands-free operation in the warehouse, also other inventions like wearable tech, RFID, AR, and barcode technology are some of the technologies that you must adopt in your warehouse. This technology (especially hands-free technology) gives luxury, makes the work easier, and helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse.

  • Purchase and install new equipment

Purchase and install new equipment such as doors, computers, lifts, and others. This shows the employees that you have invested in the business to make their job easy, and that will motivate them to work more efficiently. Moreover, the newer equipment will run faster and it will have less breakdown.