Top 7 Tips to Create an Ideal Warehouse Pallet Racking System

March 23, 2020

The pallet racking system is majorly preferred by companies as it is the most effective and ideal storage option. The biggest benefit of using pallet rack sliding shelves is lesser use of floor space and maximum use of vertical storage space.

The need for each warehouse might differ, the major focus is to accommodate the products in an ideal way.  Based on the inventory type and order flow, it is best to opt for the right pallet racking. Here is the list of 7 incredible tips to create an ideal warehouse pallet racking system.

1. Maximum utilization of open space

the total dimension of the warehouse and then opt for the right racking system.
Make use of vertical space and square footage. The vertical space has the
ability to increase the storage capacity twice or thrice than the actual size.
Take into account all the space in the warehouse, including the irregular
shaped area and put most of it into use.

2. Identify Priorities

Make sure you prioritize your inventory based on the type of steel shelving.  The prioritization depends on various factories like accessibility, products, difficulty level, handling cost,  installation, maximum utilization of storage space etc. It is also best to follow FIFO (first in first out) or LIFO (last in first out) while racking the shelves. Opt for a pallet rack sliding shelves to access a particular pallet.

3. Safety First

When it comes to pallet racking, safety concerns should never be ignored. Before actually planning the warehouse; discuss the pallet racking planning with the company or contractor and get the needful advice. Don’t get started before proper planning. Never underestimate the safety precautions.

4. Evaluate the storage requirement

Identify and understand the warehouse storage need and opt for the steel shelving to maximize the warehouse floor spacing. If a particular space is needed for storage, then use the rest of the warehouse area for separate work.

5. Go Mobile

It is possible to make the pallet racking movable. This type of pallet racking system can be used to store items in any type of warehouse. The accessibility and durability are also high. The best part about steel shelving is it can hold double the storage capacity without any hassle. The mobile pallet rack sliding shelves also put the unused space to use.

6. Accessibility of industrial truck

The width of the aisle is crucial while considering how to access the items on the steel shelving via forklift/industrial truck. Keep the aisle width of the pallet racking system accordingly so that it is easy for the forklift to access items without disturbing the alignments.

7. Expansion

If you are planning to increase the storage space or expand the warehouse, plan the design of the warehouse accordingly. Also, invest in the pallet rack sliding shelves to increase space availability. It is compatible and supports expansion.

Based on space and storage need, follow the above-mentioned tips and create an error-free warehouse pallet racking system.