Top 5 Reasons to Use Longspan Shelving Solutions

December 28, 2022

Longspan shelving, also known as long-span racking, is an excellent racking system for storing hand-loaded products in factories, warehouses, workshops, and stockrooms. Longspan shelving comes in various sizes and may be adjusted to meet any storage area. It is made up of an upright and beam system composed of high-quality steel. Moreover, it enables a large load capacity per shelf to meet your heavy and bulk storage requirements. 

long-span shelving berths


There is a range of reasons to use long-span shelving berths. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to use long-span shelving solutions:

Simple integration

Because of the nature of long-span shelving, it is perfect for integrating with pre-existing warehouse racking. Longspan shelving may easily be combined with other forms of storage to help build an efficient warehouse. It can also be used with other materials to strengthen its structure. Steel shelving can be used with wooden pathways or steel gratings to provide extra support and utility. The shelving may also incorporate solutions based on your storage requirements, such as a shelf partitioning system, which will enhance pick time and minimise product movement.

Adjustable and adaptable

Longspan shelf is adaptable and simple to use, making it an ideal storage solution for small areas. Because the bulk of long-span shelving is boltless rather than nut and bolt, you may customise it to your needs. The shelves are easily reconfigurable, ideal for high turnover or stock variations coming in and out. Because of the versatility of long-span shelving may be utilised to store various items and commodities of various sizes and weights.


Longspan shelving is made of steel and is exceptionally robust, able to withstand the frequent, high-volume usage typical in retail environments. Longspan shelving is the appropriate long-term option for various situations due to its simple design, strong strength materials, and ease of cleaning. Its longevity means you won’t have to replace it as frequently, saving you both time and money.


The long-span shelf is built of steel, which makes it exceptionally sturdy. It allows you to move and reuse long-span shelves around your preferred position while also relying on your shelves to hold up to 500kg per shelf.


Low-cost and inexpensive

Finally, long-span shelving is both economical and practical. It has a long history of use in a range of industries. Due to its multiple advantages, it is a storage mainstay in warehouses and retail facilities worldwide. The initial cost is cheap, considering the durability and versatility of long-span shelving. 


Maintenance costs are minimal due to the durable design of the shelf; if extra shelving is required, it can be quickly incorporated at a reasonable cost. Longspan shelving maximises storage space, which is expensive for warehouse managers and requires minimal maintenance or care.

Wrapping Up

Longspan shelving units are a dependable, adaptable, cost-effective alternative for industrial usage, residential garages, office storage, and archive storage. Longspan shelves may be a very effective option for companies with limited budgets or space, contributing to overall efficiency in warehouses and retail stores. 


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