Tips To Boost Warehouse Productivity

December 4, 2020

Warehouses form an integral part of any company and product management. An ideal warehouse does not only aim at putting the materials or products in their place but also focuses on optimizing the space to increase productivity and minimize expenses. Here are a few tips to boost your warehouse storage capacity.

1. Plan In Advance

Certain products have seasonal demand, and they should be prioritized while stacking. They should be easily reachable to the warehouse workers. Software systems can help in forecasting such needs to manage the stocks at the earliest. This is one of the smartest tips to increase warehouse efficiency.

2. Efficient Manpower
The workers should be updated with the technology used inside the warehouse, and frequent reviews are essential to assess the performance of the workers. Furthermore, attention should be paid to their concerns because ultimately, if unnoticed, this is going to result in decreased productivity and sales. Adequate protective equipment should be given when the staff work in chemical, glassware or metal-based industries.

3. Technology Driven

There are so many handheld devices in the market to familiarize with operating systems. This reduces the time spent in picking the inventory list manually, which indirectly hastens the delivery of the product. Desktop extensions are also available for such applications. Again, this can reduce unnecessary human resources. It also ensures optimum usage of small warehouse spaces.

4. No Overstocking

This is one of the most common mistakes made by the distributors in the warehouse. Overstocking can lead to a large amount of unused stock, thus, resulting in a waste of money and resources. This can be rectified by the use of applications like real-time location systems (RTLS) and automated identification and data collection (AIDC) to track the list of inventories daily. This is one of the smartest methods of using floor spaces.

5. Effectiveness
It is essential to do a regular assessment of the quality of work inside the warehouse. Several questions should come to your mind. For example, Are the products being overstocked? How is the flow of goods inside the warehouse? Is the manpower sufficient? Is the electricity supply adequate?

6. Lucrative Incentives

This is another way to boost the working population. Encouraging their quality of work can lead to increased efficiency and subsequently increased productivity. This can be rewarded for their extra performance which is needed for the warehouse. However, this should not jeopardize their quality of life or health.

7. Smart Arrangement Hacks

Picking the inventory list can be tiresome in a warehouse. There are two types of goods when it comes to arranging, and they are fast-moving goods and slow-moving goods. Fast-moving goods can be placed in front and vertically while slow-moving goods can be behind and horizontally.

These tips will help in implementing efficient warehouse systems. The tips mentioned above ensure the space is well utilised, and the chances of error are also less.