Things To Consider Before Renting A Forklift

February 1, 2021

A forklift is probably one of the warehouse storage solutions that has been introduced in the industry. It makes the movement of inventory much more comfortable and saves up your valuable time too! Before you decide to dive headfirst into this considerable commitment, here are a few things you must consider before you rent a forklift:

What is the maximum weight that you need to lift?

Before you rent a forklift, you need to consider how much weight you want the forklift to carry. Realising that the forklift you rented cannot accommodate enough weight for your usage can be disappointing. It would help determine the maximum weight you wish the forklift to carry beforehand for smooth use. 

What is the maximum height you need to lift to?

The second thing to consider while renting a forklift is to what it can carry. For this, you need to measure your tallest rack’s height and then, to be on the safer side, add 150mm to that length. This way you can inspect the forklift with much more information in hand that will benefit you in future.

What kind of environment the Forklift will be used in?

While renting a forklift for your warehouse, you need to decide on one that will adjust according to your warehouse’s environment. The environment in which you be using the forklift dictates the forklift you require for your warehouse. 

When you are trying to determine the type of environment, you must consider the following 4 questions:

  • Where will you use the forklift? Inside, outside, or both?

This will help you decide whether you need a diesel, petrol, LPG or electric Forklift.

  • What kind of surface will you use the forklift on?
  • Does the facility have any height restriction while entering or exiting?
  • What is the minimum aisle width the forklift will need to right angle stack in?

What type of cargo do you plan to lift?

Questions like “how is your cargo packed”, “Is your cargo wrapped or is uniquely shaped”, and “what type of pallets are used”, will help your forklift rental supplier get an idea about if you’ll be needing any special forklift attachments or what length forks you require. 

Understand the fine print

Before you sign off on anything, make sure that you thoroughly understand the rental contract. Don’t hesitate from asking your supplier to explain the contract wherever you find yourself clueless. Ensure who will be held responsible for the cost of insurance and who will bear the transportation of the rented forklift. Other areas to understand are what does your maintenance plan include and exclude. It is essential to understand your obligations throughout the maintenance agreement.

Rent it from a reputable company 

While renting a forklift, you must know you know the company you are hiring from. When you hire a forklift from SpeedRack, you get the chance to enjoy an extra security blanket that guarantees a safe transaction.