Six Different Types Of Pallet Racking To Consider For Your Storehouse

April 12, 2020

Are you a warehouse manager trying to choose the ideal system of racking for your warehouse? Are you confused over the innumerable options available? Here is a definitive guide with six different types of pallet racking. Check them out to know the best pallet racking method for your warehouse according to your requirements.

#1. Selective Pallet Racking

This method provides the
lowest investment with high versatility. Low beams support the pallets and
offer a selective approach. This system lets you access any pallet and change
the size of the storage anytime you want. You can have as many as SKUs you wish
with different pallets. It provides immediate access to various kinds of goods
and can be lifted with a forklift. Easy maintenance is the greatest USP of this

Best for: Manufacturing, Food handling, Low-turnover
retail products

#2. Drive-In Racking

This method has the
highest density of storage with fewer aisles, but more number of pallets. The
forklifts can dive up to seven pallets or even more. Stable roll-formed steel
structures are designed for high functionality and extended capability.

Best for: Large volume storage for products of the same
category, High-turnover retail products, Freezer storage

#3. Cantilever Racking

There are no vertical obstructions
in this method of storage. Absence of aisles facilitates horizontal storage on
the pallets. With the adjustable lock joints, the height can be changed as per
the requirement. It provides a great deal of flexibility in storing bulky goods
with added safety and protection.

Best for: Lumber, Pipes, Tubing, Tires, Carpet Rolls,

#4. Push Back Racking

In this method, the
pallets are inside a cart that is five inches deep and slides forward when the
pallet in front of it is removed. It is easier to store and retrieve from this
method of storage and lowers the pickup time.

Best for: Retail, Food Operations, Businesses that
require a large number of picking up operations.

#5. Pallet Flow Racking

This method makes use of
sloping racks and a FIFO (first-in/first-out) loading system. It is also known
as gravity flow racking because new pallets are added at the upper end and are
removed at the lower end. This system increases the capacity significantly
compared to the conventional pallet rack systems.

Best for: High volume perishable consumer goods, Grocery,
Freezers, Food distribution centres

#6. Double Deep Racking

This method of racking
has one row of selective pallet racking behind another in a double deep
structure. It reduces the initial installation charges and creates high-density
storage. Double deep racking method helps in optimising space by increasing
storage capacity up to forty per cent.

Best for: General warehouse purposes, Manufacturing, Bulk
quantity of same materials

The racking method
varies according to your requirement, and you can also get innovative to
optimise the storage better. Get in touch with a storage specialist before
deciding on the perfect method of racking. Speedrack is at your service to help
you organise your warehouse better.