3 Bays Schaefer -2100mm Wide 2400mm Tall Run

Product Code: 3 bay Schaefer starter run

Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving with Steel Mesh decks.



More Information

Used Schaefer Long Span Shelving

3 Bays of Used Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving/Racking.

Each bay 2400mm tall x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep.

The Three bays will have a total length of 6.5m Long

Comes with Five beam levels per bay.

Each Level comes with a choice or 18mm Particle Board Shelves or Steel Mesh deck.

Colour: Blue Frames and White Beams.

Brand Schafer.


Other Configurations available of Used Schaefer Long Span Shelving.


Pack Includes;

4 Frames 2400 x 600,

30 Beams 2100mm x 50mm holding 400kg per level,

30 Shelves (either particle board or wire mesh) 1m wide x 600mm deep.



General Information


We sell all sizes of Mesh Decks http://www.meshdecks.com.au

We also sell new Long Span Shelving https://www.speedrack.com.au/product/speedrack-long-span-starter-bay-2400mm-tall-x-2100mm-wide/


We have lots of new and Used Long Span Shelving options, please browse around our website or give us a call if you can not find what you are looking for.





Boards-or-mesh-decks Weight Dimensions
boards330 kg240 × 60 × 50 cm
mesh-decks340 kg240 × 60 × 50 cm