1800mm Tall x 2600mm Wide Add-On Bay Bolted Shelving

Product Code: Colby long span2.4/60Ad-1

Used Bolted Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving 1.8m Tall.


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Colour: Galvanized and Red


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More Information

Bolted Long Span Shelving is the perfect storage solutions no matter what your needs, from storing house in your Garage to Complete Warehouse Setups. Fast and easy to assemble, it is a Modular Design with bolted frames and beams.

Our long Span system come with a timber shelf level, supplied in two sections.


External Dimensions:

1800mm High x 2700mm Wide x 800mm Deep.


Product Specifications:

  • Each shelf easily holds 450 kg UDL
  • 4 Shelf levels included.
  • Easily Adjustable in 76.2mm increments,


Pack Includes:

  • 1 Galvanized Frames 1800mm x 800mm,
  • 8 Red Bolted Beams 2600mm wide x 50 x 50mm,
  • 4 Particle Board Shelves 2600mm Wide x 800mm Deep.
Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 270 × 80 × 25 cm


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