2400mm x 90mm

Product Code: usedAPC2400/90

Brand: APC


Colour: Light Blue



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Used APC Pallet Racking Beam. Each Beam is a 90mm Boxed beam and supplied with Steel Safety Pins which guarantee that the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent dislodgment.


Beam Size


2400mm wide x 90mm x 50mm

3 Hook Connectors



Product Specifications


Each Pair of Beams holds 2200kg UDL

Easily Adjustable in 76.2mm increments,

Complies with Australian Standards 2012,

5 year warranty


Pack Includes


1 APC Beam 2400mm long with 3 pin connectors,

2 Safety Pins.


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 255 × 5 × 30 cm