SSi Schaefer Add-On bay Boards or Mesh Decks

Product Code: Schaefer Add-On Bay

Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving with Steel Mesh decks.



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Used Schaefer Long Span Shelving Add-On bay

3 Bays of Used Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving/Racking.

Each bay 2400mm tall x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep.

Comes with Five beam levels per bay.

Each Level comes with a 18mm Particle Board Shelf or Steel Mesh deck.

Colour: Blue Frames and White Beams.

Brand Schafer.


Other Configurations available of Used Schaefer Long Span Shelving.


Pack Includes;

1 Frames 2400 x 600,

10 Beams 2100mm x 50mm holding 400kg per level,

Choice of

a) 5 Particleboard shelves 2100 x 600 x 18mm (boards come in two sections).


b) 5 Galvanized Steel Mesh decks 2000 x 600mm (please note the steel mesh decks & boards come in two sections).


We sell all sizes of Mesh Decks

We also sell new Long Span Shelving


We have lots of new and Used Long Span Shelving options, please browse around our website or give us a call if you can not find what you are looking for.





Boards-or-mesh-decks Weight Dimensions
boards120 kg240 × 60 × 10 cm
mesh-decks120 kg240 × 60 × 10 cm