Pallet Racking Installation

Product Code: rack install 6m

Installation of Pallet Racking 6m Tall.


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Pallet Racking Installation.


Our installation Price is determined by the height of the Racking Uprights. Please check the height of your uprights as it may delay the installation of your Racking if they are taller than the height ordered.

We are Pricing our installation on the number of Bays installed, no matter how they are arranged.

A Bay is defined as the area between Two Frames. (A Frame is two uprights Joined by horizontal and diagonal Bracing).


Example 1;

The Installation of Two Separate bays of Pallet Racking in one Row will have Four Frames.

The Installation of Two bays of Pallet Racking in one Row will have Three Frames.



Example 2;


The Installation of 10 Bays of Pallet Racking in one Row will have Eleven Frames.

The Installation of 10 Bays installed as Two Separate rows of 5 bays long will have 12 Frames.

The Installation of 10 Bays installed as One Row of Two Bays, and Two rows of 4 bays will have 13 Frames.



Included in Our Price

Our Price does not include the installation of mesh Decks or Board Levels.

Our Price does not include the Assembling of Frames, Frames must be completely assembled with feet. We can assemble them for you at an additional cost. Please phone for a quote.

We assume the Floor is Level.

All Materials needed for the Installation are to be provided by the Client, including Frames, Beams, Feet, and Safety Clips. As well as Levelling Plates, Back Ties, Upright Guards, and Safe Loading Signs if they are required.

Our Price does not include Certification of the Materials.

Our Price does not include repairing any Materials.

Our Price includes the installation of Selective Racking Only, and does not include stand-off posts, mesh backing, or any other additions to standard Selective Racking.

Materials are to be placed adjacent to the Construction Site.

A Forklift and Or a scissor lift May be needed to be provided for use by the installers. Please contact us if these are not available.

Height-of-frames Number-of-bays Weight Dimensions
6m-tall - 15-baysN/AN/A
6m-tall - 30-baysN/AN/A
6m-tall - 60-baysN/AN/A
6m-tall - 100-baysN/AN/A