Additional Stow Shelf 3m x 1067m D

Product Code: Adstow Shelf 3m/1067

Stow Additional Shelf Level


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5 Bays of Used Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving/Racking.

Each bay 1829mm tall x 3000mm wide x 1067mm deep.

Comes with three beam levels per bay.

Each Level comes with a 18mm Particle Board Shelf.

Colour: Blue Frames and Orange Beams.

Brand Stow.


Other Configurations available.


Pack Includes;

2 Beams 3000mm x 90mm holding 1800kg per level,

1 Particleboard shelves 3000 x 1067 x 18mm (boards come in two sections).


Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 310 × 106 × 6 cm