Additional Stationary Cupboard Shelf

Product Code: STCshelf

Select the Brand of Shelf That Matches your Cupboard;

Cupboard Brand Lead Times Apply;

Cupboard Brand Colour Selection Applies;

Brownbuilt Standard Colour Range.

Elitebuilt Colour Selector.



More Information

1 Additional Shelf for Stationary Cupboards.

Includes 4 Clips.


External Dimensions;

(Height Selected)mm Tall x 910mm wide x 450mm Deep.





Namco;           900mm wide x 400mm deep.

Firstline;          900mm wide x 400mm deep.

Elitebuilt;         900mm wide x 450mm deep.

Brownbuilt;      900mm wide x 400mm deep.



Colour Elitebuilt-colours Brand Weight Dimensions