New vs Used Pallet Racking- Which to buy?

June 2, 2021

Should you opt for used pallet racking or new pallet racking? There is a sizable demand for storage racking systems whenever you are scaling up or expanding the warehouse, shifting to a newer warehouse, or require a temporary solution for storage purposes. You should consider deploying an investment into a pallet racking setup since these racks are vital aspects of any operation across a warehouse. They may also represent a significant financial investment. Hence, you should aim to get it right by all means. 

Should you get hold of used pallet racking systems or newer ones? There are various advantages of buying used pallet racking systems as there are benefits of buying newer systems. New pallet racking will give you a better chance to fully customize the warehouse from scratch, while used racking should not be neglected as well. 

Tips for warehouse pallet racking (New)

  • New pallet racking enables businesses to customize pallet racking systems from the ground up fully. With new racking, you will find the personalized solution that you require for the warehouse, including adding a new mezzanine level for extra storage or optimization and racks that can be accessed via numerous systems for material handling. 
  • New pallet racking will be more delightful from an aesthetical point of view than used pallet racks for sale. The latter will undoubtedly have its bumps and dents. 
  • If you are buying pallet racking for a wholly new warehouse setup, new racking will be more convenient since you can order the same in your brand or company’s predominant colours and motifs. 
  • There are some cons as well when you are buying new pallet racking systems. The financial costs of new pallet racking may be considerably higher and may dent your pocket. 
  • Used pallet racking may be cheaper while retaining high quality and durability attributes. It will cost only a fraction of what a new pallet racking system will cost you and perform just as well. 

Used pallet racking advantages and key aspects

  • Used pallet racks will have a lower cost upfront; you will get more value from the transaction at a fraction of the cost paid for a new pallet racking system. Capital expenditure will be lower, and you can allocate more capital for taking care of other needs. 
  • Good quality and reliability-Iff purchased from a reliable supplier; used pallet racks will be inspected extensively and adhere to all safety, quality, and reliability standards. 
  • The vast lineup of options- Although new racking is being churned out steadily, a vast amount of used pallet racking is still available for buyers. This enables managers of warehouses to carefully choose from a wide lineup of options from multiple reputed suppliers. By choosing a reliable supplier, you will have a vast inventory to pick from in this segment. 
  • Ease of assembly is another major plus point. While buying new pallet racking solutions, you may require customized options created from the ground up, taking more time to order and design. Used racking will save more time since you can readily install the system right away. They are easier to assemble and, in some cases, come partially assembled as well. 
  • Used pallet racking is a highly convenient and cost-effective solution for temporary needs. Companies in the transition phase may lease a temporary warehousing area as a solution for intermediate inventory management. Rather than deploying an investment in new pallet racking for a shorter and temporary duration, it makes sense to save cash and time by opting for used pallet racking in its place. 
  • Eco-friendly aspects- Another major advantage is that used pallet racking will be more environment-friendly. Reusing old pallet racking will significantly scale up the product’s lifecycle while also helping you cut down on overall waste and resources to manufacture new racks. Companies adhering to stringent sustainability blueprints should consider this option. 
  • The flip side is that used pallet racks may have their share of wear and tear and will not offer customization. 

When choosing between used pallet racking and new pallet racking systems, you should always keep some vital parameters in mind. Always calculate the total floor space you have at hand and know the dimensions of pallets and their sizes. Next, measure overall pallet load inclusive of depth, width, and height alike. Make sure that you choose proper beam capacity while understanding the load count (per beam) storage. Calculate things like ceiling clearance and upright height and accounting for rack decking requirements like wire mesh decking. Finally, get proper measurements while placing your order to make sure that the load fits suitably onto racking systems and make sure that it will withstand the loads in question.