Key Factors to Consider When Purchasing Used Warehouse Shelving

July 28, 2021

There are several aspects worth considering when it comes to warehouse building design and development. You can choose to buy pallet racking solutions while also understanding what warehouse shelving is at the same time—at the same time, buying used warehouse equipment like shelving is not an easy affair. You should be fully in sync with raw material warehouse management’s needs and take a closer look at the available list of stored items in a warehouse. There are multiple steps that should be taken into account prior to purchasing used shelving. You will firstly have to work out your overall storage needs and the requirements in terms of material handling. You will have to know the storage amount, your budget and the volume of the warehouse on a regular basis. 

This will help you focus and prioritise the kind of shelving that is highly tailored to your particular needs and requirements. Companies that sell shelving may support you with regard to the design of the warehouse and also what will work perfectly for applications. The next stage is to zero in on a company that is selling used shelving solutions that are in line with your expected quality and product standards. Making use of a local entity will help with lower freight and transportation expenses. You can always create a list of available companies in the neighbourhood or surrounding areas and compare them likewise. 

If it is feasible, make sure that you carefully check and inspect the warehouse shelving to make sure that it perfectly adheres to your specific requirements. If you cannot inspect the shelving, ask for high-resolution images of the same at various angles. Finalising the deal will require two negotiations on your part, i.e. you will want the best possible pricing and delivery. The former will include the material and also the payment terms and conditions. The latter will involve setting a date and the logistics. You can save more money if picking up used shelving is an option for you. 

Specific pointers for buying used warehouse shelving 

Buying warehouse shelving is a complex procedure, as mentioned, which necessitates vital consideration of multiple aspects. Here are some tips that you should also keep in mind: 

  • New shelves are often as cost-effective as purchasing used shelving, particularly if you take delivery, assembly and disassembly costs into account. Do not assume that used shelving is always cheaper and a better choice. With the new shelves, you may maximise space while making sure that you are getting a reliable product that will last longer. 
  • Make sure that you map the overall floor area and layout of your warehouse. This factor should determine the number of shelves you require and their type as well. Warehouse space will never be unlimited. It is also not free of cost. You will not want to waste any space since ineffective shelving options will not allow you to store all products suitably. 
  • Not every warehouse shelving solution is equal. There are various styles and types of shelving on offer, including boltless rivet shelving, push back racking, mezzanine floor, mobile shelving and pallet racking. If you require a particular kind of shelf design that will be in sync with the warehouse layout or goods that have to be stored, you can consider opting for specialised and custom shelf options. 
  • You should make sure that every shelf has ample strength for taking the weight of any cargo that can be loaded presently and also in the future. You should be extra careful and select shelves that may accommodate items exceeding the weight and volume anticipated so that the shelving always adheres safely to your storage based requirements. 
  • You have to ensure that the warehouse shelving can absorb situations like severe weather conditions, earthquakes and other calamities. The shelves should have ample strength for withstanding such future weather based calamities and adversities in the region. 

These are some useful tips that you should always keep in mind while buying used warehouse shelving. Take your time and examine the material and type carefully before buying. Your purchase should be cost-effective and helpful for smoother functioning above all else.