How to Organize a Warehouse for e-commerce Business?

June 13, 2020

For an e-commerce business, the most essential aspect is organizing an e-commerce warehouse. Warehouse storage solutions are one of the most sorts of skills that are prioritized in the e-commerce industry.

Your warehouse is the place where the goods come in and then it is disbursed as per order. The swift operation on the floor allows us to save on time and thus brings profit to the e-commerce business.

Here are a few steps in which you can master the warehouse storage system and make a few changes in your floor plan to maximize business profit and increase warehouse space efficiency.

● Use barcode for labelling locations and boxes- create a barcode

Gone are the days when your business was small enough to manually remember the location of specific boxes containing the material. To quickly find a product use barcodes to label each box and isle. In this way, it will be a cakewalk to locate SKUs for delivery. Make it even easy for your team to find specific products and to note qualities with barcode scanning.

● Keep the floor free- Warehouse floor plan

In a warehouse, as much as you need storing space, you also require space for loading unloading and moving products from one place to another. Make sure to keep your isles free from piled up boxes and containers to make it easy for movement. This will also ensure the safety of your team as mismanaged isles can easily cause accidents.

● Grow your warehouse vertically- Warehouse vertical farming

Successful warehouse storage solutions offer optimum utilization of available space vertically. The warehouse roof is usually 21 feet tall to manage a rack of pallets one on top of the other. So do not waste your vertical space and save on horizontal space to allow movability on the floor. On the other hand, this space saver ideas saves on cost and easy to store option. When stored vertically on pallets, you can have direct access to each pallet. With the use of a forklift, each pallet can be easily accessible within a fraction of time.

● The ABC method- Warehouse ABC analysis

By now you must have identified that few hot selling products stay very little time in the warehouse. Simultaneously, there are slow-moving SKUs as well. Group your products under 3 categories such as A, B, and C. Under group A, select the fastest moving products, whereas, in group B, select the moderate moving products, and in group C, select the slow-moving products. Now store the Group A products near the picking station and thereafter store the products according to the group created. This will allow you to quickly pick the highest selling products in no time and this saves you time. In the warehouse, you can use proper shelving like chrome shelving, supermarket shelving. These shelves are simple and stylish and would brighten up any store.

● Follow the 20:80 ratio-

You must have noticed that 20% of the products are present in 80% of the orders. This phenomenon is called the Pareto principle. Identify the 20% of the products that are ordered more frequently along with most other orders. Place those SKUs nearest to the picking point. You can also efficiently place them between A group and B group isles.

So, follow these warehouse storage solutions and notice a havoc change in time and space management for your business.  And have the best e-commerce warehouse