How to Label Warehouse Racks

April 11, 2020
  1. It provides you space to store your products
    in the third dimension – upwards , thereby adding space which on the ground has
    already been occupied and making use of free space above it.
  2. It also helps you keep products in an orderly
    fashion, with labels and markers so that you never miss out on any product and
    can stock up as well as load out your inventory in a very orderly fashion.

One’s inventory is the
static lifeline of one’s business. Keeping a stocked inventory is necessary to
meet up with demands and keep the orders rolling. Inventory management is
something that is important for businesses of all sizes no matter how big or small.

Pallet Racking, shelves and cabinets are the structural
modules that are of prime importance for efficient inventory management.
Without them you will be stuck looking for products and you will very likely
miss out on something even when your system notifies you of the presence of the

Using a Pallet Racking system has a two fold importance:

Arranging and labeling your
warehouse racks will definitely take you a long way. It is something you do not
have to update unless you are either scaling up your business or diversifying
your inventory. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while you are
labeling your warehouse racks to do it in the most effective manner and in a
way that will serve you long.

  1. Know what you are doing and think at least a
    year in the future. You do not want to change your system every month or every
    6 months for that matter. Make sure you know the future of your buisness and
    have it well planned. If you are planning on expanding your inventory, consider
    the expansion while you label your inventory. Leave spaces for when you add new
    things to easily adjust them without much effort and changes.
  2. For Pallet
    systems start labeling from the bottom up making sure that the most
    sought after items are on the levels above the hip to facilitate quicker and
    less intensive transactions. Also make sure you use double/triple ( more if
    your inventory demands) digits even for smaller numbers. For example instead of
    using 5, use 05 or 005. This will help you in the long run.
  3. Use longer lasting tags instead of paper tags
    and markers so that the tags are reusable as well as changable when required.
    Warehouses may collect dust so it is helpful for you if you use waterproof ones
    for the times when you clean them.

Management of inventory
is not as easy as it sounds but if done well it can lead to smooth and seamless
buisness processes. A well maintained inventory does not guarantee a boom in
your buisness but guarantees you the same amount of buisness with less effort.
Therfore make sure you have done justice to managing your inventories and made
your business movement smooth, simple and easy.