How Is Long Span Shelving Best Suited For Manual Picking?

May 1, 2020

Long span shelving has become a popular warehouse storage solution in today’s times with high-density storage. It is suited for storing various medium and bulky goods, and is primarily adapted to accommodate e-commerce storage solutions and systems where products are picked up manually. Read further to learn more about long span shelving and understand why this system is the ideal system for your manual picking needs in the warehouse.

Customisable Benefit

You can customise long span shelving according to the storage needs for picking up the order. You can build the racks up to twenty meters in height, and convert this racking system into a multi-tier storage. It comes in shelves, beams and combination structure, and the beams are adjustable at a pitch of fifty millimetres. This functionality allows you to have slanting shelves if you require it. A one-time investment helps in flexibility to change the storage method as per your convenience.

Easy Organisation

In manual picking, the organisation is a crucial part. Pasting clear labels on the shelves is a huge bonus. The combination structure offers visibility for the names and directions to guide the staff in large storerooms. Avoid investing in expensive equipment and technology for automation with a simple system of labelling the shelves or beams.

Versatility With Adaptiveness

Long span shelving offers a versatile storage solution with the option to store various types of goods. You can store garments by using the rod-shaped beams to support hangers. Packaged food items and drinks can be stored on the fixed shelves. You can directly store items like wheels and tyres on the axles instead of the extended shelves. Books and DIY craft items can be comfortably stored on the slanted shelves.

Perfect For Zoning

With a compact appearance and aligned rows, you can easily create zones in your storehouse with a long span shelving system. The vertical arrangement facilitating high-density storage leaves more space in your storeroom. You can make the manual picking method faster and seamless by creating zones for your staff to go to, the moment you get an order. If you are a business or a retailer selling fast-moving consumer goods, this zoned system will significantly reduce the chances of error.

Portable Shelves

The wide array of heights, depths and widths in the storage configuration gives the flexibility to rearrange long span shelves. They can be easily dismantled and assembled with bolts and nuts, and are portable. Portability lowers the installation costs and is easier on your storage space and pockets.

The possibilities with long span shelving are endless. You can install walkways to access the upper levels and create a faster inventory moving system. If you are looking for the perfect storage solution for manual picking, long span shelving is your solution. Get in touch now with experts at Speedrack to discuss your needs.