Here’s How Parts Storage Trays Can Help You Out

October 9, 2020

The part storage trays are the best storage solution; they are often used to organize and store nuts, bolts, tools, and other accessories. Some part trays come with removable plastic dividers and it will be much helpful in the organizing process. The storage trays are ideal for racking and shelving purposes in the garages and warehouses. These trays are made of polypropylene to resist oil and solvent; these trays are supplied with removable dividers for organizing and managing the items to be stored in the trays.

For deep shelving, the standard size to suit 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm. These storage trays have been designed to maximize the storage, and it offers you an effective storage solution. With the durable part storage trays, you can effectively manage or save your time and the productivity will be higher. You will not waste time on searching the bolts, nuts, and other accessories; everything will be organized and you can easily get or find what you need.

 Apart from all of this, these sturdy storage trays improve employee safety; if your warehouse is not effective in storage and management of things, then the employee may fall or step on sharp equipment, but with these storage trays you can avoid those incidents and improve employee safety.

Benefits of the Part Storage Trays

●      Durable

Most of the warehouses prefer plastic storage trays than the metal or wooden storage units; because the plastic storage trays offer long-lasting utility, especially the plastic storage units will not get affected by external elements. These part storage trays are made from durable, lightweight, and high-density polypropylene, which means they are UV resistant, rust-proof, and waterproof.

●      Removable

The plastic storage units come with a removable divider, which will be an added benefit for it. You can remove the dividers according to your needs and the size of the tools that you are storing. The sturdy and intelligent design of the part storage trays will be convenient to store everything. You can also remove the dividers as per your convenience and make good storage and organization in your warehouse.

●      Zero installation

You do not need to spend much time on installing the storage trays since it is a plastic, it will have interlocking pieces which will be much easier for installation. Installing the super sturdy storage trays is not rocket science, within a few minutes you can easily install the part storage trays. Since it is easy for installation, cleaning the tray will also be easier.

●      Cost-effective

The part storage trays are cost-effective; when compared to the metal and wooden storage trays, it will be cheap. And it will be more effective in storing the tools and accessories; it will be worthy of the money you spent. 

●      Safety efficient

Installing the part storage trays ensures safety in your warehouse. Your small accessories and equipment will be safe and you can get it easily when needed. Also, it ensures employee safety as written above.