Best safety Guidelines for warehouse Racking

October 5, 2022

With the massive flow of equipment and goods around your warehouse, accidents can happen anytime without any notice. Different cases have been reported that warehouse racking is a major source of accidents. Besides, there are other warehouse tools and equipment that may cause accidents, such as pallet jacks, forklifts, and others. However, by following the necessary safety guidelines or rules related to warehouse racking in Newcastle, you can decrease the number of accidents. Thus, here are some guidelines that you need to follow.

Provide Proper Training to Your Employees

Your warehouse staff should be properly trained to make sure they are acquainted with the safe techniques of pushing and lifting. A person who utilizes a forklift should be adequately trained to use it. Besides, make sure they know about chemical storage, rack load limits, and damage reporting. As per the guidelines, you should retrain your employees regularly. 

Understand the Pallet and Racks Load Limits

The warehouse supervisors should properly inspect the storage racks every day and make sure the workers don’t make any errors. Keep in mind that damage to the beams can lower the rack weight limit. If you find any damage, unload the rack immediately.

Plumb and Straight Racking

A racking that leans much to one side will cause stability issues. As per the warehouse racking known guidelines, if your rack height is 10 feet, then it should not lean more than half an inch. Sometimes, a forklift accident can also lead to a leaning rack.

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Understand the Forklift Concerns

To prevent any possible damage, storage racks need to be surrounded by yellow barriers to avoid distractions caused by forklifts. On the other hand, the aisles need to be wide enough to enable the forklifts to properly enter and maneuver. Forklift loads must be centered. While the forklift is in motion, the load needs to be lowered.



General Maintenance

It is crucial for every supervisor to check all the racks for damage & overloading at least once a month. Besides, a warehouse examination must be done after the events that may have developed structural damage. If you want to fix a rack, then always affirm to get it fixed by a racking expert. And if the damage is unrepairable, then it is recommended to buy a new warehouse racking.

Use Drive-Through Racks

Drive-in racks are comfortable to use, and your employees can drive into the racks using forklifts. However, ensure that your forklift operators are trained properly for this. And managers or supervisors must evaluate drive-in racks thoroughly.  

Using Automated Systems

One of the best ways to avoid warehouse accidents is by using automated pallet picking and racking systems. You will not just avoid workplace hazards; you can also lower labor expenses. Even though automated systems have a load limit, they should be kept properly plumb.


Modern racking systems have become crucial in an effective warehouse management process, and SpeedRack can help you avoid warehouse accidents by offering the best and most durable warehouse racking in Newcastle at affordable prices.