5 Signs your retail store needs a makeover

April 15, 2021

Most stores stick to what they feel gives their store the ‘vintage look’ because many of the customers who have been loyal all these years like the store how it is and wouldn’t embrace the changes. Many shop owners refuse to modernize or renovate the store to fear losing out on those regular customers. Other times it’s to do with spending and more funds. Owners feel it’s a waste to spend on a running shop. The time spent renovating would keep the store out of business which is an added loss, and so many other concerns stop a storekeeper from taking up the retail makeover option.

But when you are competing with the new age stores, you need to up the game and try to get in some changes in your store. You might start checking.

When was the last time you renovated?

If you have changed the décor for a decade, you better buck up and get that interior guy on board to get that long-overdue makeover. You stick with the familiarity, but you can add new aisles, get new wallpaper or painting work done, fix some focus lights, get some new signs. This would help your shop stand out and give your old and new customers to look forward to making it a talking point.

Are your sales going down?

With modern shops entering the market every other day, you may find customers prefer to check out the modernized amenities that those shops offer, and hence there is a downturn in business for your shop. For this, you have to enhance the customer experience. It is achieved by peaking up your store’s interiors and providing an ambience they always loved but with a modern twist that could be your calling card to get your business running on its feet again. Try to add modern shelving to your store so that each of our products looks gets properly displayed.

No consistency in the store design

When a customer enters your shop, it shouldn’t be a confusing maze of aisles that they wouldn’t want to check out. There has to be clarity in space allocation, which has to be adhered to aesthetically. The décor and store have to match everything handy for the customer to pick up and shop. If you don’t find this, there is an inconsistency in the store design, which needs improvement.

Poorly organized store

Suppose you have to go away from your counter to help every customer get things and guide them to every item. In that case, you have to work on the organization part, probably getting your aisles done appropriately or getting more shelving for stores to use storage space efficiently. Having signages and keeping stuff similar nearby will help people find them more accessible at the store.

Badly in need of repairs

Peeling wall paint or wallpaper, broken shelves, worn-out signages, scratched counters, doors on the cooling boxes that don’t close properly, noisy AC unit and chipped flooring, etc., all these just don’t make a good marketing call for your business. The presentation is important. Keeping the entire store look neat, clean, and uncluttered can help thrive the business.

The makeover for the store will help it gain more customers and help your business compete with other stores.