Used APC Racking

APC Pallet Racking is an Australian Made Racking system originating in Western Australia. Its uprights are generally silver in Colour, with an Oval shaped holes for the beam to clip into. APC beams are usually Light Blue and come in a variety of lengths and beam thicknesses.

APC Pallet Racking also fits other brands of Racking, and can be interchanged for hand application uses. Please visit the links below to our other pages with products with frames or beams that will fit APC Racking.

It is important to note, that a safety bolt should be used when mixing brands. Beams from different brands may be of a different length by a millimeter, and may not be able to be used with beams of a different brand.

Please click here for Schaefer Pallet Racking Beams and Frames.

Please click here for Acrow Pallet Racking Beams and Frames.

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