2591mm x 80mm

Product Code: usedAPC2590/90-2

Brand: APC


Colour: Light Blue



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More Information

Used APC Pallet Racking Beam. Each Beam is a 80mm Boxed beam and supplied with Steel Safety Pins which guarantee that the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent dislodgment.


Beams easily positioned into fraems and secured by a snap lock clip. Please click on the Frame link to see a selection of Frames we have available to suite these beams. APC Frames are usually Galvanized in Colour.


Combine your Racking with Mesh Decks to create hand storage levels. Insert light duty beams at lower levels, adn install a steel wire mesh deck onto the shelf to create extra storage or extra picking faces.

We also have used timber boards avaialble as well as NEW white melamine boards to combine with the Racking where a smooth surface is needed to slide products in and off the shelf levels.


Beam Size


Standard Two Pallet Wide Beam

2591mm wide x 90mm x 50mm

3 Hook Connectors



Product Specifications


Each Pair of Beams holds two pallets weighing 900kg UDL Each.

Each Pair of Beams holds 1800kg UDL.

Easily Adjustable in 76.2mm increments,

Complies with Australian Standards 2012,

5 year warranty


Pack Includes


1 APC Beam 2591mm long with 3 pin connectors,

2 Safety Pins.


Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 270 × 5 × 30 cm